Attack on Titan creator, Hajime Isayama suspends the publishing of the final chapter to focus on his sauna

Attack on Titan creator, Hajime Isayama suspends the publishing of the final chapter to focus on his sauna

Attack on Titan is not.. ending?

The creator of the popular series, "Attack on Titan", has cancelled the publishing of the final chapter, instead ending the series on an incomplete conclusion as he focuses on his next goal in life: running a sauna.

Hajime Isayama is one of the most known mangaka (manga artist) in the world. His hit series, Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin is one of the best selling manga series of all time, having sold over 100 million copies. On top of this, the story has garnered worldwide success through it's animated show or "anime" since 2013. The show is one of top rated anime of all time, earning several of it's episodes at the Top 10 iMDB list as well as battling with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on  The show's final season also showed its popularity prowess by becoming the most popular show in the United States. With the popularity of the anime and the manga, the IP of Attack on Titan has branched off to different areas such as video games, live action movies and motivated conspiracy theorists that the COVID-19 vaccine can possibly turn an individual into a real life titan.

The manga was slated to conclude with its final chapter on April 9th, 2021; finishing its 11 year run. Isayama teased the final chapter to fans by 'submitting' the chapter for publishing on the main character, Eren Yeager's birthday. However, a day later, Isayama announced to the public that the final chapter tease was just a ruse, and he would not show fans the anticipated ending. 

In a quick interview with Isayama, we asked why he would do such a thing? The fans have supported the series for 11 years, waiting for the conclusion. His answer was baffling.

Isayama: With the final season ending off on a massive cliffhanger, my fans were visibly upset that they had to wait another year for another episode. Due to this, I wanted to participate in the suffering too. For the past 11 years, my fans have cried and expressed sorrow over the series because of my amazing plot and my signature tactic of throwing a dart at a dartboard to see who I kill off. Why not do it again? Afterwards, I would finally like to invest all my time into opening up this sauna. It's my biggest dream.

When asked when the final chapter would release, Isayama declined to comment. It is unclear if the series will conclude in the future. 

NHK announced on March 29 that it will broadcast "Part 2" of the final season of the TV anime "Attack On Titan" on NHK General TV this winter.

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